Jo Jewels Body Jewellery is one of the UK's leading body jewellery suppliers.





Body Jewellery

We only supply the best quality body jewellery, made from Gold, 316L grade Stainless Steel, Silver and Titanium. We hold good stocks of all our body jewellery and temporary tattoos. Our main product lines are: Gold & Silver Nose Pins, Gold Navel Jewellery, Pregnancy Bars, Moving Navel Jewellery, Non Moving Navel Jewellery, Eyebrow Bars, Tongue Bars, Nipple Bars, Nipple Shields, Retainers, Stretchers and Temporary tattoos.


We believe we are the most competitive on line supplier of body jewellery, with huge savings on high street shop prices.

Before we despatch your order, each item of body jewellery and temporary tattoos is inspected, to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

Fake Tattoo

For those who wish to indulge in the idea of getting tattoo without actually getting one or for those than want to try it out before they actually have one permanently inked on, fake tattoos are an ideal choice. It’s a great idea for fancy dress parties, nights out and fun times with friends. You can use a fake tattoo and remove it as soon as you want to. Temporary Tattoos are easy to use and most importantly of all, they are safe. Check out our eclectic mix of designs.

Nose Studs

Nose studs are an old favourite for many piercing connoisseurs. What makes them such a great member of the body piercing family is that they can cater to seasoned veterans and fresh faced novices. Nose pins come in all shapes and sizes to suit different faces, skin tones, profiles and contours. Jo Jewels carries a huge stock of all types of nose studs. This includes, 925 Silver, Surgical Steel, BioPlast,Titanium & Gold. Our nose pins also come in Straight, Ball End or L Shape bars. We also have nose studs, with gems, enamelled tops, and even with a Diamond.

Labret & Tragus Bars

Find your own style of piercing with labret & tragus bars! Jo Jewels has an extensive selection of labret & tragus piercings including the glitzy glam and rocker chic looks. Whether you’re thinking of making an impact with an eye-catching spider labret or gleaming in a crowd with a violet gem tragus, Jo Jewels definitely has something that will work for you.
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